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Obviously, you know advertising is one of the most influential ways to reach your business to the esteemed user-base. However, to attract the attention of the users, a catchy advertisement is indispensable. Margg Darshan Advertising, the creative advertising agency in Kolkata, where you will always achieve short but catchy advertisement, short script announcement, etc. for Commercial advertisement on TV, radio and other digital media.

Whether your business totally runs on brick and mortar arrangement or entirely online, Margg Darshan Advertisement would offer you the most influential commercial advertisement that can enhance your business to a lofty height.

The advertisement is highly important for both a new and existing business promotion so that it grabs exact marketplace. It helps to communicate important information to the customers in short. This is the first step in building a relationship with the customers. Creating an efficient advertising plan, TV, Radio, and digital advertisement plan is essential in attaining target goals.


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Electronic Media

We provide advertising in various electronic media all over.

Print Media

Our advertisement appears in all the globar newspapers and magazines.

Online Media

We do social optimization which helps your business to flourish.


Radio advertising helps to boost your business as its the only wide spread.

TV Ads

More people watch TV at spare hours hence enhancing your ads.

Display Ads

We provide ads to spread in various displayed and non displayed network.

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